Company Profile

HPA are consultants and principal contractors in the tourism and heritage sector. We work internationally for government, institutional and commercial clients. Our diverse projects reflect the specialized field typically ranging $1.5 – $30 million. As principal contractor, design manager or project manager we bring together a broad range of expertise focused on innovation and implementation.

Government and Institutional clients such as The Australian Government, The Qatar Foundation, The National Museum of Australia, confirm our experience in significant cultural heritage project development. Corporate sector clients such as BridgeClimb Sydney, Real Journeys New Zealand, Subaru, and Taronga Zoo are testimony to our credentials in tourism development projects.

We are fortunate to have worked on some unusual and challenging projects having delivered successful complex assignments at home in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand. Throughout the website we refer to ourselves as HPA. The company was originally established in 1985 by Tom Hewitt (Hewitt Design), changed to Hewitt Pender in 1998 and then HPA Projects in 2008.

We are proud of our work and hope you find its diversity as engaging as we do.

Feasibility Analysis

Many of our projects begin life as vision studies where initial total project concepts and options are formulated and considered. Typically, this process brings high level creativity and lateral assessment of core objectives to a project before any facility planning, architectural or detailed operational analysis is committed.

Design and Construction

Facility planning is a term borrowed from the mainstream construction and development industry.

For smaller museums, visitor centres and commercial visitor attractions (up to $35 million) facility planning is key to sustainable operation and success.

Our experience in this specialised service is extensive and further detail of institutional and operational planning is provided in the following pages.

A facility development plan should provide a complete project overview.

In our experience it should cover:

The Subject.
What is to be communicated and how.
The Market.
Visitation potential.
The Built Form.
The proposed built form solutions which are illustrated and quantified.
Operational analysis including staffing, marketing to year 5 of operations.
A detailed assessment of establishment and operational cost.

Project Management

We are often engaged as Principal Contractor taking projects from early design to completion on a design construct contract basis.
We have delivered the following projects in this way;
Trainworks for Railcorp, NSW – Design and Construction 1800m2 $4.4M
Sandakan Memorial Park, Malaysia – Walkways, Signage, Amenities Building, New Memorial and Upgrades $1.6M
BridgeClimb Operations Base, NSW – Fitout and construction of 1800m2 $5M
Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout, NSW – Refurbishment and fitout $3M
Bond Store, New Zealand – Fitout of 1400m2 $4.2M
Hellfire Pass, Thailand – Fitout and construction $4M
Kokoda Memorial, PNG – Design and construction $3.5M
Royal Flying Doctors Visitor Centre, NSW – Design and Construction $600,000
Port Arthur Historic Site, TAS – Design and Construction $7M
Our specialist skills in managing complex projects are derived from experience in the field and our long association with specialist sub-contractors and suppliers.
We are very happy to provide client reference details on request in respect to any of the above projects.

Our Clients